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Wardrobe? Now that was easy!

So you want to book a session, but let’s be honest, one of your main concerns is what would you wear?

You do not need to rush out and buy all new outfits!  With lots of new sessions around the corner, I wanted to take some time to make sure you all have great resources to help you pick out fabulous looks! I can see it in your eyes–that glazed over, deer in headlights, look but no need to fear. This will be painless.

Here is a little list of suggested guidelines to set you at ease about your upcoming shoot.

#1: You must feel as awesome as you look! Wear something comfortable.

#2: Darker colors make everyone look slimmer. Fact!

#3: Solid colors bring the attention to you–you’re the focus, not your outfit.

#4: Vertical lines are more slimming than horizontal lines.

#5: Interesting necklines, minus excessive cleavage for the ladies, pull attention to your face:)

#6: Heels are sexy ladies; they also make your legs look pretty, and force you to stand up straighter.

#7: Tight clothing is prohibited.

#8: In the battle of sleeves vs. sleeveless, sleeves always win. The same rule holds true for shorts vs. pants, pants always win.

#9: Colors do not need to match (I actually prefer you to switch it up:).) However, colors should coordinate.  For example: black, gray, red all coordinate & separately blue, brown, pink all coordinate.

#10: This portrait is going above, say, your fireplace, where your living room is nice and neutral, perhaps loud outfit choices are not ideal for that room, so let’s keep that in mind.

#11: Accessorize. Bring different necklaces, hats, ties, etc… that will easily enhance the outfit separately.

#12: Layer, layer, layer! Bring a jacket, cardigan, etc.–because if you’re like me, you probably spilled Starbucks down the front of your blouse on the way…and that’s why I carry Shout Wipes– true, but seriously, a different layer can really change the look of your custom portrait!


These are guidelines, not rules. You have great pieces in your closet that you love to wear already–now let’s just come up with some new ways to coordinate those pieces! I am a visual learner, who’s willing to bet most of you are too, so here are some websites that offer great “lookbooks”–these, for ladies, gents & kids; and they are a tremendous help when pulling together looks for your session.


For my Teens & Seniors:


I am here to help! Remember, with your in-home consultation, which is free with every booking, we will be able to pull together great session customized for your families needs! Your photoshoot is an investment and it is my desire for you to be comfortable from start to finish.

So when are we booking your session?

Shoot me and email, or give me a call today:



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A few of my favorite images: {Mr. & Mrs. Piers, III}

Mr. & Mrs. Piers {1}
Mr. & Mrs. Piers {2}

Mr. & Mrs. Piers {2}

Mr. & Mrs. Piers {1}


Mr. & Mrs. Piers {3}

Mr. & Mrs. Piers {3}


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Bridal Portraits {Mrs. Piers}

{Mrs. Piers} Bridal Portraits 1

{Mrs. Piers} Bridal Portraits 1

Meet Mrs. Piers! Congratulations Jill & DJ on their beautiful wedding today! You’re a beautiful bride and the two of you are a wonderful couple!

Back in May we worked out locations in Charleston, SC and spent the better part of a day outside braving humidity, bugs, and a beach sand storm. Jill was a trooper & fantastic bride; she was willing to do what I asked for a shot, despite crumbling brick, spider webs, and burning up in her gorgeous gown from Bedazzled in Gastonia! Don’t you just love that dress?! It reminds me of the oh so regal, Grace Kelly wedding gown (minus sleeves; and let’s face it, July in Charleston is much too hot for those)!

Jill chose to use DJ’s favorite surfboard as a prop for the last part of our session–precious & it was a special gift from his Grandfather. She had a canvas at the reception and an 8×10 of the surfboard pictures on the grooms cake table.

{Mrs. Piers} Bridal Portraits 2

{Mrs. Piers} Bridal Portraits 2

Enjoy the portraits-she’s stunning! Check out the gallery!

Pictures from the wedding will be up soon. Thank you Jill for allowing me to capture this very special occasion for you!

Congratulations again to the happy couple! [They’re off to Cancun; face it, you are as jealous as I am:).]

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What’s New

I’m anxiously prepping for & awaiting lots of new opportunities. These next few weeks are going to be a blast! So what’s new?!

First of all, my dear friend Jill is getting married on Saturday & I’ll be there to capture some awesome memories for her & the hubs! [Did I mention that I can hardly pick a blog topic this week because I’m itching so badly to show off her Bridal Portraits?! They’ll post on Saturday:D.]  Part I-2 of Mommy & Me Session with the daddy-to-be is coming up–you met Meredith earlier in a blog post:), 1 Senior Portraits & family portraits in Greer, SC in a few weeks, 1 CAbi clothes photoshoot, 1 Newborn Session, and 1 Family Reunion…  Bring it on. I’ve got this! My job is awesome: a. I get to meet new people, b. I get to travel, c. My requests to randomly stop at places for photo ops is acceptable, d. I learn something new every single day.

Help me keep it coming people–you all are amazing clients & I would not be here without you! Thank you!

P.S. Help me keep it coming! Ask me for a referral card & enjoy $25 off your next session and $25 off for your referred friend’s next booked session.

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Confessions of a Social Media Junkie

Each morning I read my emails, reply to clients, reply to potential clients, read blogs, look at pictures, make sure I’ve thanked Twitter followers, address FB for pertinent articles & message replies, update invoices, work on my next marketing idea, etc. Exhausting?! Yes. Inspiring?! Most definitely! Did I mention that I manage multiple social media campaigns?! *Glimpse at me sitting here and see me twitching from information overload.* I love it, every single second of it!

So, I have a few confessions: I have a Pinterest addiction. I pull inspiration boards for photoshoots, inspirational ideas, quotes, clothes, colors…you name it, I pin it. I overuse Facebook–its a love-hate relationship. Social media marketing is a mega tool and I find every aspect of it fascinating, but it sucks my time from me– I know you can relate to me whether you use it professionally or for pleasure! I don’t touch my Stumbleupon account nearly enough–but wow, what a resource! And Twitter must be one of my new fascinations…I know, a little behind the times… But seriously, where can you find influential people from all over the world in every genre and be able to interact with them…where else on the internet is it acceptable to tweet 24 times/day?!  Oh yea, just on Twitter:)

That’s all of my social media inspiration overload sharing for today. Now, I’m off to decide what to do next:)

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Meredith S. Proctor: Mommy & Me Session {Part I}

Meet Meredith, long time friend & mommy-to-be. She’s beautiful & super precious; and she’s going to be one fabulous mommy to Emma! The grass was icky, it was hot, and the humidity kept rising, despite the setting sun–but all in all we got some fabulous images & were blessed with beautiful light!

Mommy & Me Session {Part I}

Meredith P.: Mommy & Me Session {Part I}

Mommy & Me Session {Part I}

Meredith2: Mommy & Me Session {Part I}

Can’t wait to meet you Emma & I know mommy and daddy feel the same way! P.S. I happen to know first hand, that they would appreciate it if you came on time:)

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