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What-to-Wear | Maternity

Welcome to the first, bi-monthly What-to-Wear post!  Dressing for our next photo-shoot need not require you buying a new wardrobe; many times, you can re-purpose existing outfits and layer them with new accessories to create new, timeless looks. In this week’s edition of What-to-Wear, we’re featuring Maternity fashion.

What-to-Wear | Maternity Edition
What-to-Wear | Maternity Edition

Expectant moms tend to have the most difficulty when dressing their changing bodies, but luckily, modern fashion has given new moms great fashion choices. One local store in particular, The Bump-Maternity Boutique, does a fabulous job in helping new moms feel fashionable. Clair, owner of The Bump-Maternity Boutique in Fort Mill, SC, says,

“we shop for designs that are created to make a mom-to-be feel as beautiful as she looks.  It’s time to show off your bump!”

This outfit is perfect for a mommy-to-be. The Olian Maternity Khaki Wrap Sweater, with hood, offers a casual appearance along with rich detailing; the hood provides an added layer that is ideal for picking out clothing for your next photo-shoot. The Bump-Maternity Boutique, also offers these beautiful Three Seasons Straight-Leg Maternity Pant; a dark-wash pant with modern stitching and a very comfortable knit panel, that takes you throughout your pregnancy for only $49…I’d say that’s a STEAL!

Three Seasons Maternity Straight-Leg | $49
Three Seasons Straight-Leg


Olian Maternity Khaki Wrap Sweater | $120
Olian Maternity Khaki Wrap Sweater

In efforts to remain transparent, I am not pregnant, and do not intend to be for many years, but sometimes I wish for a pair of jeans with a knit waist–especially after the Holidays—yikes! So Clair, I might be coming to see you;) Laugh as you might like, but you know that you’ve considered too!

Contact The Bump today and ask about either of these great deals:

The Bump Maternity Boutique is located 10 minutes South of Charlotte, NC in Baxter Town Center
951 Market Street, Fort Mill, SC 29708 | tel: 803.548.8700 | email: fashion@thebump-maternity.com

My good friend Shannon is the most fabulous Stella & Dot consultant I know, and when she heard about this blog post and the great clothing pieces from Clair at The Bump, she immediately knew the perfect accessories to give this outfit a pop of color & texture.

So without further a-do, I’d like to introduce the CAMPARI NECKLACE by Stella & Dot:

Stella & Dot
Stella & Dot
Essential Ball Studs | $29

Contact Shannon today for FREE Shipping on any item you order to wear during our next photo-shoot:

Shannon Bogan

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Make sure that you take advantage of January’s special incentive today, email: stefanie@photographybysmm.com

January 2012


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The Lovely Lisa | Rock Hill, SC

Friday, I had the pleasure of photographing a long-time family friend, Lisa.  I think she looks a little like Elizabeth Taylor, but at any rate, she’s stunning!

The Mona Lisa

That Mona Lisa Smile...

Lisa was a real joy to work with on Friday. She’s a student at Converse College; she’s double majoring in Psychology & Theater.  Oh, did you already gather that she has amazing style?! Uh yea!

As a photographer, I study people. During each session, I pick up on the details that characterize people. One of my favorite things about Lisa was the quirky little smirk that starts in her eyes and ends with the twitch of her cheek. <– ❤ it:)


Lisa Stewart | Portraits

That Mona Lisa Smile...

Lisa, your gallery is almost fully uploaded. Look for an email tomorrow.

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Fall 2011 Photo Contest Winners

Now announcing the Fall 2011 Photo Contest winners.

1st Place: Katy M., “Pum-queen”
2nd Place: Lina M., “Sleepy Pumpkin”
3rd Place: Page H., “Pumpkin Peek-a-Boo

I’d like to say thank you to each and every one of the contestants and voters. Without you all, this would not have been possible!

Each of you three winners will be contacted in the morning regarding your fabulous prizes!

Goodnight all! Hope you’ve had a great Thanksgiving:)

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